Corporate Workshops

Corporate Training Workshops are best for small groups or up to 75 attendees. Workshops typically last two hours and can be shortened based on your needs. We feature workshops with the following focuses: Team Building/Collaboration, Effective Communication, Networking/Building Rapport, Presentation Skills, Creative Risk Taking/Taking Initiative, and Thinking Quickly on Your Feet. All workshops include written workbooks for attendees to record takeaways and set goals for the future.

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Still not sure if our Corporate Training Workshop is right for you? Take a look at the response from one of our clients below:

improve it! had the opportunity to work with a large non-profit organization in the health sector. The client approached us, looking to increase communication between managers and employees through the Team Building workshop. [Erin: This is where we'd add more information re: what they were looking for in the workshop, maybe first impressions of the setting.]

Workshop attendees were encouraged to reflect on the skills they learned, and to apply those skills to their everyday activities. 90% of the attendees responded that they thought the skills practiced were directly relatable to their jobs, and over half the attendees said the skills practiced during the workshop were new to them.

One attendee went so far as to add that "the workshop activities... [were] enlightening and engaging all at the same time. Team Building & Collaboration produces strong muscles of development and communicative efforts with Management & Staff within your organization that will reflect the asset value of all participants in action."