Our Services

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Team Building & Soft Skill Training Workshops

Our workshops are typically two hours in duration but can be modulated to fit your needs. We offer ten different workshops that train on specific soft skills:

  • Team Building / Collaboration
  • Effective Communication
  • Networking
  • Presentation Skills
  • Taking Initiative / Creative Risk
  • Thinking Quickly on Your Feet
  • Sales Training
  • Interning 101
  • Women in the Workplace
  • Leadership

In these interactive workshops, attendees will participate in an interactive lecture and series of improvisation-based exercises led by professional improvisers. A thesis statement is set at the beginning of each workshop, and attendees will then participate in a series of improvisational activities that relate back to the key message. After each activity, a debrief is held to relate back to the key message, and an action plan is put into place. 

This experiential way of learning will bring people together in ways that no other activity can!


Corporate Performances

Our improvisational teams will having your staff roaring with laughter for your company’s next corporate event. Our performances are great for:

  • Annual Meetings
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Client Appreciation
  • Holiday Parties
  • Product Launches

These high energy performances will evoke fun and laughter, enhance your company’s culture, provide team –building and shared experiences, and enhance the company’s morale!


One-on-One Coaching

All of our workshops can be paired down to one on one training for companies who have specific goals with particular staff. We have seen significant results from these one on one interactions. These are typically two hours in duration and are 4-6 sessions in duration.

Scenario Training

Scenario training focuses on client specific objectives and typically involve role plays and individual feedback sessions. Our professionally trained actors have the ability to learn fully formatted scripts or take bullet pointed material into full on role playing sessions.


Keynote Speaking

The one hour keynote session kicks off with improvised entertainment by our talented team, and then moves into a workshop that facilitates positive communication techniques, encourages the new generation of ideas, and teaches working in partnership with others while creating supportive relationships. All of this is done by incorporating improvisational activities with the audiences' support. 

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