Taking Creative Risks with the "Ladies in Logistics"

Last week we had the opportunity to work with the awesome "Ladies in Logistics" at Load Delivered Logistics! These women relaxed into the evening with cheese and wine, and then jumped right into our hour and a half session on taking initiative and creative risks. 

You may be thinking to yourself, "what does it mean to take creative risks?" Although these ladies can now tell you what it means (and risks they did take, just by participating in our workshop)! but here is what taking creative risks means to us. Taking creative risks  means creating a safe environment in which people are willing to communicate in different ways, seeing creative inspiration differently by taking a step back and seeing others' point of view, and helping individuals understand that being a leader and taking initiative works in a dynamic way that is always changing. 

These gals were a blast to work with, and we are so grateful to have seen what risks they could take in our short period of time together. Thank you for a fun, thought-provoking and entertaining ladies night! You inspire us!