The winner of our improve it! Challenge #2 is...Beth Emperor

Congrats to our improve it! challenge #2 winner, Beth Emperor! Here's how Beth recently supported her team:  "I read a really great article in "Red Eye" this week about the impact of "flaking" out on a commitment, whether you have or someone has "flaked" out on you, and used the article for a team building event. During the event, a coworker shared they want to help the homeless population with developing job skills and the article may have been the catalyst to jump start his plans. Great feeling x10!"

Beth started a conversation with her team, that supported another teammate's vision of helping the homeless population develop job skills. We can't wait to see what her encouragement will do for her teammate's dream!

For winning the challenge, Beth will receive a spot for her and three friends in our Q3 Workshop, as well as a $10 Starbucks Gift Card.

Thanks so much for playing, Beth. Stay tuned for our improve it! challenge #3, where YOU TOO can be a winner!