Ciao, Roma: Rachel Bids Us a Final Farewell

Working at improve it! has been quite an adventure. I started out about seven months ago feeling like a small, shy girl having her first real world experience in the work life. And now, I’m sitting here on the last day in the office, feeling sad because it’s the last day, but more courageous, confident, experienced... who am I kidding, the list goes on. I have had so many memorable experiences with improve it!, but I would like to share my favorite parts.

After just a few weeks of working with Erin, she asked me to help at one of the biggest events we’ve had yet. And that was the Crowe Horwath conference with their interns at McCormick Place. I remember having to arrive earlier than usual that morning (on a summer day). I brought my camera and my new, soft improve it! sweater and walked into the building. Fast forward, I got to meet all of the improvisers, and my main job was to make sure that they were all at the right place at the right time and to capture the memories while doing a social media live feed. This was my favorite event because I had fun tasks and got to meet all of the improvisers who were all just a bubble of energy and smiles. At one point in the day, I remember having to pass around a lint roller to each improviser in between each of the rooms! Man, we loved those sweaters, but they were indeed quite a surprising hassle. I was able to experience the huge keynote with Erin and a few improvisers, and each of the five workshop rooms where different improvisers facilitated. I loved seeing everyone do what they love!

Yes, this event was pretty fun, but that’s not all. During my time here, I’ve enjoyed all the networking events, improv workshops, lunches, team goals events, and other fun shenanigans at improve it!, but most of all, I loved coming to work. (I know you don’t hear that often, but I’m not lying!) Getting to walk into an office of smiling and laughing faces (even if the weather was gross out) made my day ten times better. Erin and Allie are powerful women I now look up to! I am so grateful to have been part of such an amazing small [dream] team who were always checking up on me and never letting my work go unnoticed. “We’re really doing it” is something Erin said every time I was here, and it’s true. We really are! And I’m proud to say that I witnessed the growth of myself and this company in which I wish nothing but the best as I depart. I’ve gained role models, new interests, learning experiences, and more... But now I’m off to my next adventure...Ciao! ;)


Rachel is the Client Services Associate for improve it!, formerly known as the Marketing Communications intern. She is a junior at Loyola University Chicago studying marketing. She enjoys playing piano, dancing, dogs, and eating fruit. She will be studying abroad in Rome, Italy this semester.