Workplace Appreciation (As told in Gifs!)

(Written by the Newest improve it! Intern - Kate Fox!)

Hello people of the interwebs! Today, I want to chat about workplace appreciation.

Why workplace appreciation? Well, I’ll tell you why! February is a strange month. It’s around this time that we start to lose sight of our New Year’s Resolutions, fall prey to the common cold, and grow tired of the constant snow. It becomes easy to focus on the negative and, with the prevalence of social media and constant communication, it’s easy to compare yourself to others and feel like you are missing out.

Is a job that once left you feeling excited and motivated now beginning to feel like a chore? Are you unsure of how you fell into this mindset and desperate for a way out? Have no fear! With these five reminders, you’ll be slinking out of that workplace slump in no time!

Read on!


(No worries, we have lots of pictures :) )

  1. You make that moolah.


Let’s start with the obvious. Things cost money. You want things. You must pay for those things. Work allows you to do that. Yay! Things!

2. You feel fulfilled.


Money isn’t the only positive thing about your job! Thanks to your position, you have somewhere to be, something to do, and skills to contribute to a company that needs YOU.  Every time you go to work, you are given a set of tasks specifically assigned to you and that’s pretty special/exciting/AWESOME.

3. You become a mentally and emotionally stronger person.


Your job isn’t always easy, but when you finally complete a difficult task you will feel more accomplished AND more confident in your skills. Thanks to the challenges you overcome, you learn how to manage your time efficiently and judiciously. At times, you may feel overwhelmed, but these challenges are essential for your growth and will aid you in the future.

4. You build friendships and a community


Yay friends!! Though it may not always feel like it, work provides you with a way to socialize, network, and form bonds with those around you. Thanks to your job, you are placed in a group that you share mutual interests and passions with (like the success of your company)!

5. Work Makes You Healthier


People who are employed tend to be happier and healthier than those who are not. Unemployed individuals suffer from increased anxiety, depression and a decrease in self-worth. Whereas a study conducted by the U.K. Department for Work and Pensions found that people in the workforce are less likely to suffer from long term affliction and indisposition and actually recover from sickness faster. Thanks to our jobs, we are healthier, both mentally and physically!


When it comes to getting out of a slump, maintaining a positive attitude is key. One way to do this is by keeping a list of all the things that make you happy.

A great way to shift your narrative is by keeping a bullet journal and recording five good things that happened to you during the day! Maybe you came up with many new positives while reading this list? If so, then write them down in the comments below! I look forward to hearing from you :) Until next time!


Kate is a junior at Loyola University and is in the process of completing a double major in
marketing and information systems and a minor in creative writing. She is also an intern at improve it! She produces and analyzes weekly digital content for improve it!’s social media platforms. In her free time, Kate enjoys writing, exercise and spending time with her family.