Sammi Signs Off: improve it!'s Latest Intern Heads Into the Workforce with Some Lessons Learned

Nowadays college and internships go hand in hand. What better way to learn about being in the real world? You are afforded all of the opportunities that come with experiencing being a working (in my case) woman while still having the safety net of college to catch you if you fall. However, internships are not just something to put on your resume. They are intended for students to learn all that they can.

When I was looking for an internship, I was overwhelmed with all of the opportunities that were out there. It was like walking into an IKEA with a list. I knew I wanted something, but I just wasn’t sure what. As an advertising major I knew that there was a plethora of options. Did I want to go corporate? Am I interested in market research? Should I value a brand name over a start up? It was all very overwhelming. However, after talking through my options with a professional (my mother), I realized I wanted an internship that was going to teach me more than an advertised job posting.

I didn’t mean teaching me how to use photoshop when a learning objective was to learn data software. I meant what internship will have an environment that will not only challenge me, but also teach me how to be a better version of myself. After applying and interviewing like it was nobody’s business, I knew that improve it! was the perfect choice. Immediately after interviewing I told my mom “this is it”.

Interning at improve it! has been an absolutely wonderful experience. These three INCREDIBLE women have offered encouragement, mentorship, and so many other life lessons that I will take with me forever. The past four months have been a wild ride and I am so thrilled that I was able to come along. Working for a smaller company taught me the value of flexibility and going with the flow. Being in office was a blast but sending gifs over Gmail chat proved to be just as entertaining.

I think the greatest thing my time at improve it! taught me was the importance of laughter. I have never had a job where I was constantly stitches. Whether it was a pun from Jenna, an impression from Allie, or a “savage” comment from Erin, there was not a single day I didn’t crack up in the office. I truly think that this little lesson in the importance of laughter was one of the most influential aspects I learned from this internship.

In all, my time at improve it! will always hold a special place in my heart. This experience was so much more than an internship and these fabulous women truly challenged me and made me a better person.

Sammi is a recent graduate from Loyola University, majoring in Advertising and Public Relations with minors in History and Business Administration. She comes to the Windy City all the way from Hawai’i and is passionate about sustainable living, travel, and Game of Thrones themed snacks.