Bridget's "Fare Thee Well" Blog Post

As my time with improve it! reaches its final days I’ve struggled with the task of summarizing my experience and saying farewell to the summer I’ve spent here. It was William Shakespeare who said, “Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight til it be morrow”, but it was ‘NSYNC who said, “Baby bye bye bye.” I believe both sentiments artfully encapsulate my bittersweet feelings about this particular goodbye. 

Throughout the past few months, whenever friends or family asked how my internship was going I couldn’t help but smile wide, look starry eyed into the distance, and recount fantastical tales about my time with improve it! I would tell them how incredible it is to work with such intelligent, funny, confident women in an office setting that is more relaxed and hilarious than any other I’ve been in. Seeing firsthand how hardworking Erin, Allie, and Jenna are every day constantly inspired me to do the same. I was eager to achieve my goals and make them laugh and they were just as eager to encourage my work and humor my bad jokes and puns. 

From the moment I began working here in May I have received unending support and guidance from these women. From monthly meetings with the team to weekly check ins with Allie, I have always felt that my thoughts and ideas were sought out and listened to. Everyone here has instilled confidence in me that I can have a career while still being creative and using my unique voice. I treasure the small moments where we’ve listened to Broadway soundtracks or played ingenious games like “guess the flavor of this Skittle.” 

Going forward, I will look back on this summer and my time with improve it! as the best introduction to the real “adult” world that I could have asked for. My first internship showed me the value of working in a positive and supportive environment and how much there is to learn from the people around me. 


Bridget is a rising senior at Loyola University Chicago studying Film and Digital Media with a minor in English. Bridget is a Cancer who’s passionate about social media, creative writing, and rewatching Fleabag.