5 Ways to Improve Your Workplace Experience

Hello Improv Bosses! I hope that you are having an amazing start to spring. The tulips and daffodils in Rogers Park are started peek out of the soil and I couldn’t be more excited. Since mid-February, I’ve been counting down the days to summer. However, that doesn’t mean we should let spring pass us by so quickly.

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Spring is all about second chances and growth. Although, with the upcoming warm weather, it’s easy to let your head get stuck in the clouds, dream the days away, and let your work pile up. Do not fall for this trap! All you’ll be doing is inducing an stress-ache (stress headache), and a couple sleepless nights.

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In order to avoid a case of spring fever, here are five ways you can improve your workplace experience and embrace change!


1. Plan Ahead

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A skill that all improvisers pride themselves on is the ability to think quickly on their feet but even the best improvisers can’t keep it all in their heads! The women of improve it! pride themselves on planning ahead. This is imperative if you do not want to overbook yourself. Utilize online calendars, and planners and keep a physical planner handy as well. This way you are able to easily assess your commitments for the day and understand what you need to do. Some great online resources that we recommend are Google Calendar, Trello, OneNote, and Asana. It’s also handy to keep a physical notebook and planner on deck! You never know when you’ll need to write something down and you don’t want to appear unprofessional by pulling out your phone in the middle of a meeting.


2.Wake Up Early

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*Cues horror movie soundtrack*


Now, now, we all know that sleeping in is a coveted ritual. I personally love to sleep in. We all look forward to that Saturday morning where we are able to relax in the fuzzy and warm embrace of our covers and our alarm blissfully does not go off. However, if you’re feeling stressed about some upcoming deadlines, try waking up early and use this time to catch up on work! You’ll be thanking yourself in the long run. You could also use that extra time indulge some activities you’ve been pushing off such as listening to improve it!’s new DIY coaching series, improve You!, working out, meditating, or reading a good book. The opportunities are endless!


3. Go to Bed Early

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How are you going to be able to wake up early if you haven’t gotten enough sleep the night before? In order to properly function the next day and be the best possible version of yourself, you need to give yourself the tools necessary to do so. Sleep is essential. I recommend at least 8 hours but try to aim for more! After all, a well rested body is a healthy one!


4. Be On Time

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Arriving on time can do wonders for your work-life relationship! Leaving the house a few minutes ahead will help you account for any unforeseeable delays, reduce stress, and leave you feeling prepared and confident for the day. On the other hand, arriving late can make you appear lazy and unreliable.

Somedays, it feels like the whole world is against you. The train is delayed, the weather is bad, you forgot to lock the door to your house,  and ultimately, you might arrive a little late to work. However, building up the habit of leaving to house early will prepare you for the worst and set you up for success!


5. Be Positive

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Attitude is key! Even if you aren’t feeling your best, faking it until you make it can actually help improve your current mood and impact those who see you for the better! Improvisation is all about taking on new personas and characters and can help you learn how to “put on a happy face.”

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There you have it folks! Hopefully, these five tips will aid you in your endeavor to become a more accomplished and professional individual. Change doesn’t happen overnight but taking the appropriate steps to do so will help you get there. Let me know if you already implement some of these tips into your everyday life and if so, how? I look forward to hearing from you!


Kate is a junior at Loyola University and is in the process of completing a double major in marketing and information systems and a minor in creative writing. She is also an intern at improve it! She produces and analyzes weekly digital content for improve it!’s social media platforms. In her free time, Kate enjoys writing, exercise and spending time with her family.