An evening with improve it! (An Inside Glimpse into our Q3 Public Workshop)

A smiling and well dressed gentleman greets you as you arrive for an evening of improvisation, networking and experiential learning. You are then whisked to a private elevator that leads you to a gorgeous retail warehouse and office in Chicago's dapper West Loop neighborhood.

Upon exiting the elevator, you are greeted by more kind faces, provided snacks and a notebook, and surrounded by a room full of smiling strangers. You have an idea of what is in store for the next hour and a half, and you mix-and-mingle with other successful professionals before the workshop begins.

You soon realize that your fellow attendees are the most fiercely supportive individuals you have ever met, and that everything you say and do is congratulated, and met with the word "YES." You are placed in a safe environment where the exchange of ideas flows freely, participation is easy and fun, and the encouragement is palpable.

Throughout the evening, you take risks with a person you have never met before, and with a group of individuals you have more in common with than you originally thought. Through this process, you remind yourself that you are important and that what you say matters and is impactful.

The workshop ends, you exchange laughs, business cards, and say goodbyes. You go home mentally exhausted, yet stimulated. You think about all of the things that you did throughout the evening, some of which you never in a million years thought you would do, and smile to yourself. "I did that," you say as you fall asleep... "and I am better because of it."

You realize the most important part is up to you. CHANGE. You realize that YOU have the ability to make a difference in your life and the lives of others by supporting them and seeing things in a different way. YOU have the ability to take initiative  in your life. Change is on the horizon. YES you can change, and YES you will.