Lauren Capra (A.K.A "LoCap") Bids Her Intern Duties Adieu!

I’ve always appreciated growth. Growth from knowledge, people, and a massive range of experiences. Experiences happen daily, and each one with improve it! has been incredible. Incredible are the moments when you find yourself noticing new talents and passions. Passions are quite interesting, when you think about them, and how they affect workplace magic.


Magic; that’s what I think happens when you work for a company that grasps you emotionally, like improve it!. improve it! gives interns the freedom to explore diverse opportunities. Opportunities like these, are what allowed me to flourish as a creative. Creative, brilliant, and hilarious minds run improve it! daily, in Erin and Allie. Allie and Erin, along with Jenna and LoGro, have been immeasurably inspirational to work with, but even more so, a pleasure to know.


Know that these leading ladies are one-of-a-kind bosses or fellow interns, and dear friends, I sure do! Do not for a second think that I will ever forget the many memories made and laughs shared when working. Working together with these ladies has lead me to a place of newfound understanding. Understanding that I stray away from giving myself highest praise, focusing more on constant growth, Allie and Erin encouraged me to blend the two.


Two workshops, one summer, and countless social media posts later, my work has improved and my capabilities have grown...and, gratefully, I think that’s pretty outstanding.



Erin, Allie, LoGro, and Jenna, thank you for making this chapter a treasured one. We’ve shared sororities, favorite quotes, names, love of The Sound of Music, and many happy days letting improv impact business. This last Canva goes to you, my improve it! team!