improve it! Public Workshop

improve it! Public Workshop

On Wednesday, November 19th we held our first workshop open to the public at Robert Morris University, entitled "Use Improv to Improve Your Soft Skills." Participants in this unique and exciting workshop got out of their comfort zones, and discovered the impact that improvisation techniques can have on their communication skills and overall professional presence!

In our two hour workshop, guests participated in an interactive lecture and series of improvisation-based exercises led by one of our improv teams, Knuckleball. Everyone gave 100%, supported one another, and had a blast in the process. 

By the end of the workshop participants practiced how to use verbal and non-verbal techniques to enhance interpersonal communication skills, how to more quickly build rapport, and how to establish trust with others. 

We will have more workshops open to the public in 2015. Stay tuned for more updates!


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