The Week of "No"​: How to Harness the Power of "No"​ (and how not to be a j*rk about it...) Part 4 of 4

Welcome! This week, we're celebrating the "Week of 'No'". (Sometimes it's good to be bad.) Throughout the week, we'll explore ways to harness the power of "No" but still create a "Yes, And" environment around you! This week, we complete our journey with "Yes, And".

But seriously, “Yes, And”

I would be remiss if I didn’t end this blog with a word of caution. The same way “Yes, And” can be a drug, so can “No”. Think back to the examples of “No” people: toddlers, bullies, people living in fear. Although “No” may be an inevitable part of life, especially in a corporate setting, I challenge you to take a beat before you tell someone “No”.

Where is that “No” coming from? Is it an effort to have control? Is it coming from a place of ego? Or even worse, is it coming from a place of fear?

If you can, try to articulate your “No” to yourself or your coworker. While your answer still may be “No”, you may be able to communicate to your team how you got there. You may even be able to explore how you can get to the “Yes, And” next time. While we can find power in “No”, there’s nothing more powerful and motivating than a good “Yes, And”. I think Tina would even back me up on that one.

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