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Read about some of our biggest success stories so far!

Pabst Brewery: Building Trust & Change Management
The central region at Pabst Brewing Company had a lot of new team members and were looking to quickly build the trust between new and old new team members.

Together with improve it!, the sales team was able to reconnect and re-dedicate themselves to each other and their renewed mission.

"The techniques sparked new ways of thinking and heightened a lot aspirations across the team. Thank you for such a memorable & meaningful experience!"

Brilliant Staffing: Preventing Burnout
Brilliant Staffing was looking for a way to give back to their hard-working team and prevent the ever-present threat of "burn-out".

Enter improve it! As a part of Brilliant's day of appreciation initiative, improve it! provided their 80-person staffing agency with a high-energy, laughter-filled workshop focusing on the importance of effective communication.

"Erin and the entire improve it team performed their magic at our recent all company event. They kept 80 of us engaged, informed and entertained. Not an easy task for two full hours. I highly recommend you consider partnering with improve it at your next company event."


Purdue University - Women in Engineering Program - Graduate Mentoring Program: Professional & Personal Development
Purdue University - Women in Engineering Program - Graduate Mentoring Program was looking for an engagement that would allow their members to grow personally and professionally. The group had previously used these events as a means to connect highly motivated and professional women in Engineering.

improve it! lead the group in a series of exercises to develop attendees' professional skill set, and to allow attendees to connect with each other quickly.

"Our participants left the workshop feeling confident about their abilities to 'take up space' in the male-dominated STEM fields. Couldn't say enough positive things about how they helped us all embrace the culture of 'yes, and'."

ITW: Intern Initiative
ITW provided us with a unique opportunity to work with their new interns in the Summer of 2017. The leadership team was looking for a way to get the intern group assimilated and motivated in a short amount of time.

improve it!'s "Intern 101" did just the trick. Over the course of a two-hour session, improve it! was able to get all the interns out of their comfort zones, and excited about their role with ITW.


AJ Gallagher: Networking with Impact
AJ Gallagher sought out improve it! to work directly with their Summer Interns. improve it! was tasked with engaging the interns in proactive networking, so that the attendees would be empowered to make the most out of their limited time in the program.

improve it! lead the group in a series of improvisational exercises intended to increase confidence in social situations, and encourage proactive practices when making professional connections. Each attendee left the event equipped with the tools they needed to continue to network successfully through the term of their internship.

"The improve it! program was extremely beneficial. It was a fun way to learn key skills needed to have effective communications in your work environment. And the skills I learned during my session will definitely be used in the future."

Sensient: Sales Scenarios
Sensient was looking for a way to take their sales team to the next level - not just a simple "sales 101" crash course, but something that could give their experienced team an extra edge when speaking with clients.

In collaboration with improve it!, Sensient was able to give their sales team simulated, one-on-one scenarios for some of their toughest sales situations. Attendees were able to run through scenarios with improvisers, get feedback from their peers and from their trainers, and make adjustments to their interactions as needed.