improve it!'s 2019 Business Improv Public Workshops - Charlotte, NC

Are you a business professional who would like to be fully present in the moment so there is no room for self-consciousness or shaky nerves? Are you looking for new ways to show leadership in your office or community? Are you looking to get to the next level in your profession but have trouble finding the confidence?

Most importantly, are you the kind of person who likes…FUN?!?

Then, say no more! Come join improve it! in our quarterly public workshop, and we’ll teach you the healing powers of improv for the workplace.

Our energetic and unique workshop will highlight the impact that improvisational techniques can have on your communication skills, and overall professional presentational presence! (Try saying that five times fast.)

Over the course of two hours, you will participate in an interactive lecture and series of improvisation-based exercises led by professional improvisers. By the end of the workshop we guarantee you will have learned and practiced how to:

  • Communicate with your team

  • Motivate your peers in the workplace

  • Create an inspiring atmosphere for yourself and your coworkers!

The workshop will be led by improve it!’s founder, Erin Diehl, and three of improve it!’s professional improvisers --- all who have trained and performed at top theaters in Chicago and around the United States. The workshop will provide you with an intimate, and hands-on experience to show you exactly what we do.

What do we do? We’re glad you asked…

improve it! LLC is a Chicago-based company that provides high-energy, laughter-filled corporate events & team building workshops that incorporate improvisation teams & techniques, while donating a portion of proceeds to charity. To learn more about improve it! visit

Sound good to you? Great! We’ll see you there.

Additional Details:

Q2 Workshop - May 14th, 2019 Registration opens at 6:00 p.m. and the workshop will begin promptly at 6:15 p.m.

Location Details: Advent Coworking - 933 Louise Ave #101, Charlotte, NC 28204 Click here for a link to parking information

Attire: Although this is a professional event, comfortable professional clothing is encouraged as this will be an interactive workshop.

Contact the organizer: Please contact Erin Diehl, founder of improve it! with any questions at You can also visit us through our eventbrite listing here.