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Erin delivered several improve it! workshops at United and each session was energetic, entertaining and extremely valuable.  Her approach is unique and a welcomed change to the standard training presentations we are used to in a corporate environment.  The feedback from participants was very positive and the lesson (improving presentation skills) was well received. Erin is a pleasure to work with and great at what she does. I'd highly recommend improve it!

--Jessica Montanez | Recruiter | United Airlines | Chicago, Illinois

Erin and her team did a wonderful job demonstrating team building skills. The team was very engaging and energetic; they were able to get us energized bright and early in the morning! The exercises were very valuable in the workplace and allowed us to break out of our shells!

--Angelina Bozin| Recruiting Coordinator | Mesirow Financial | Chicago, Illinois

What a great way to wake up! The improve it! team got everyone out of their comfort zones in a safe, fun and nurturing environment. The skills they passed along impact every area of our business. Certainly worthwhile for any company!

--Illinois CPA Society | Chicago, Illinois

improve it! was an amazing opportunity for my organization to team build. It took my colleagues and myself out of our comfort zones in an appropriate manner and really was a creative, spirited, and relevant afternoon away from the office. I truly and thoroughly enjoyed myself!

--Laura Ansell | Ticket Sales and Services Coordinator| Chicago Wolves| Glenview, Illinois

This workshop was such an interesting, engaging activity to do as a group. I was a little bit closed off at first, not because I wanted to be, but performing in front of a group consumes me with anxiety. However, by the end I was totally loose, and having so much fun. I wish it could have gone longer. One of the most interesting pieces that I learned was about the negative listening types.  Although I saw elements of myself in every different type that exists, I think one of the most important things we can do to improve ourselves is to be cognizant of our flaws, and continually try to do better.  SO. MUCH. FUN.  

--Jaimi T |National Brands Account Strategy| Groupon| Chicago, IL

We were looking for a different way to bring team building and collaboration training to our team. We found it! Erin and her team at improve it! did just that for us. Our staff is still buzzing about how much fun they had, while learning new skill sets and gaining a new sense of confidence. Erin and her team are fabulous and I would highly recommend them.

--Tracy Spalsbury  |Director of Marketing & Communications | Sarasota Family YMCA |Sarasota, Florida

I loved improve it! It brought new understanding of communication through laughter and fun. I would recommend it to any team! 

--Erin Hecht | Marketing Traffic Manager and Compliance Specialist| TCS Education | Chicago, Illinois

I had a blast, learning not only from the representatives of improve it!, but from our own people. The activities were amazing and so positive. Thank you!

--Marie Plant | Anime Central  | Chicago, Illinois

improve it! provided an environment for us to laugh and have fun while using the activities we were doing to continue to build trust and teamwork within our group.

--Lisa Brunan | Grand Valley State University | Charter Schools Office | Grand Rapids, Michigan

improve it! did an awesome job removing everyone from their comfort zones. This session was full of laughs and learning experiences that can be implemented into daily routines. In our situation as a new training program, it allowed us all to connect as strangers on the first day and become as close as we have throughout this two week course. Very much appreciated!

--Ryan Consitt | Account Assistant   | Mesirow Financial | Chicago, Illinois

improve it! did a fantastic job of using fun and engaging activities to exhibit the need to collaborate, support and show up for your co-workers on a daily basis! They really took the time to get to know our company and our staff to engage us during our training! Thanks for a wonderful workshop!

--Fallon Boland | Tennis Shop Pro Manager | Carmel Country Club | Charlotte, North Carolina

improve it! is definitely a training program that I would recommend to others. The exercises were fun, but more importantly provided excellent demonstration on how to apply the lessons learned on how to be a better team member in the workplace. Yes, and? Yes, please!

--Jessica Straddard | Director Of Development | Arts and Business Council of Chicago | Chicago, Illinois

Thank you improve it! for encouraging a safe, creative space at our Employee Volunteer Program's Spring Leadership Summit for our group to ideate without inhibitions in order to better the work that Groupon volunteers are doing out in the communities in which we live, work, and play. I can truly say that this was the most fun and laughter-filled professional development workshop that I've ever participated in!

--Alicia Koch | Program Coordinator | Employee & Community Engagement| Groupon | Chicago, Illinois

Amazing and very engaging! The facilitators were awesome and offered positive feedback. Each session flowed from one "scene" to the next!

--Shirlondra Brooks | Manager of Healthcare | Department of Human Services Programs | Central States SER| Chicago, Illinois

I loved the Business Improv workshop! Erin and her team are true improv professionals, and made the entire group feel at ease. They did a great job relating the various activities we did to our everyday work life, which brought it all full circle. I can't wait to put these skills to use! Thank you improve it!

--Caroline Thompson | Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott| Chicago, Illinois

Erin and her improve it! team did an improvisational program at our organization's monthly May 2015 meeting. Our group, NACE Chicago (National Association of Catering and Events) is comprised of special event vendors, caterers, hotel and off-premise venues. As improvisation is something which we deal with regularly in our industry, Erin's program was PERFECT for our group. It brought our members together in a unique, collaborative way. And, truly created some memorable connections for people which they'll remember for life.

Erin attended our January meeting, and was a breath of fresh air with energy and ideas. She expressed interest about contributing to our organization, and jumped right in to be a part of an upcoming meeting - and did so in a very impactful way. One of our members said "I think it was a brilliant move having improve it! lead our meeting" which is a great testament to the success and impact of Erin and improve it!

--Whitney Taylor | Business Development Manager| Drape Kings | Chicago, Illinois

Erin and her Knuckleball knuckleheads were perfect. They, within a minute's time, had the RedEye staff loose and bonding together. We all work together closely, and get a long well, but Erin found a way to expand those walls even further. It was a magical thing to watch and be a part of!

--RedEye Chicago | Chicago, Illinois

This was the perfect workshop. Thoughtfully and imaginatively executed, it got everyone together in a motivating and fun environment. Thank you! 

--American Marketing Association| Chicago, Illinois

I recommend improve it! as an excellent workshop in which to participate within an office setting. Far too often in our culture today do we remember to look at situations from another’s perspective. Activities presented during the workshop shed light on internal resistance and present remedies to more positively interact with co-workers.

--Rebecca S. Borges | President | Chicago Chapter Femfessionals |  Chicago, Illinois

improve it! was able to get us moving and laughing together as a team. They conveyed through humor, very valuable methods of communication that everyone can use in our everyday conversations. Yes, AND I hope that my company brings them back again in the future! 

--Kathy Mitchell  | Bloom Roofing|  Brighton, Michigan

I can't believe how they took basic team building principles and turned them into a wonderful experience. The improve it! team got all of the staff excited and taking part. Please keep up the great work, and thanks so much for attending our staff retreat!

  -- Alzheimer's Association |  Chicago, Illinois

The team at improve it! did a fabulous job organizing an engaging and entertaining workshop. I thought the group exercises were fun, and were thoughtfully tied into how teams in a business environment can best support one another. I would highly recommend any company to take advantage of an improve it! workshop. A team that is completely insync with one another or a team that is just getting to know one another would benefit from working through one of the workshops. It's a great way to get outside your own fears and open yourself up as a team player. An evening well spent!

--Elizabeth Weldon| MicroTek|  Chicago, Illinois

This was the first time our district stepped outside of the box to have an improvisational workshop. It was one of our best decisions! We will utilize improve it! for future workshops. Erin, Allie, and Cristy rock!!

--Linda Stephens | Executive Assistant to Superintendent North Chicago School District 187 | North Chicago, Illinois

Erin & her team brought tons of energy, professionalism, and laughter to our workshop! They helped facilitate positive group interactions while simultaneously teaching ways to improve our communication skills as women in engineering. Our participants left the workshop feeling confident about their abilities to "take up space" in the male-dominated STEM fields. Couldn't say enough positive things about how they helped us all embrace the culture of "yes, and".

--Shelly Jahn | Women in Engineering Program at Purdue University | West Lafayette, IN

Erin and her team provided a phenomenal team building workshop! It was energetic, creative and beneficial to the team! Couldn't have asked for a more professional, friendly, and motivating group to have brought before our department! Great job guys! Looking forward to the next time!

--DeVry University | Chicago, IL

The improve it! program was extremely beneficial. It was a fun way to learn key skills needed to have effective communications in your work environment. And the skills I learned during my session will definitely be used in the future.

--Kenya Smith | Arthur J. Gallagher | Chicago, IL

The improve it! team was an absolute delight to work with. From the beginning to end, the workshop was high energy that kept all participants engaged and having a great time. I would absolutely recommend improve it! to any group looking to help improve professional development in the workplace.

--Jessica Doane, Quality Systems Supervisor | Danaco Solutions | Chicago, IL

improve it! was an outstanding investment into our team and cohesiveness and mutual respect. The manner in which they approached the goals we had set forth for the training, banged them out during fun activities, and made the processing after provide so many "ah ha" moments for our staff, I could not be happier we chose them to come in and jump start our new year!

- Tulani Myers, Assistant Director | Resident Life, University Center | Chicago, IL

Erin and the entire improve it! team performed their magic at our recent all company event. They kept 80 of us engaged, informed and entertained. Not an easy task for two full hours. I highly recommend you consider partnering with improve it! at your next company event.

-- Jeff Mariola, President | Brilliant | Chicago, IL

The interactions of the improve it! Workshops are life changing! The techniques sparked new ways of thinking and heightened a lot aspirations across the team. Thank you for such a memorable & meaningful experience!

- Kim Magnus | Pabst Brewing Company | Milwaukee, WI

improve it! offers a perfect blend of fun, humor and skill development in high energy team building exercises!

- Kara Harris-Crowell | VP of Solution Consulting | Applied Systems

I watched people break out of their shell in just a 2-hour workshop. We went into this expecting to be pushed out of our comfort zone, we came out of it a much closer team. Kudos to the improve it! team for delivering the results we signed up for.

- David Tharp | Vice President |  Anaplan | San Francisco, CA

Erin and her team at improve it! dropped some serious knowledge on our group of young professionals. Erin was a breath of fresh air as she exuberated the utmost professionalism with a very fun and high level of energy.

The well executed interactive workshop got our young professionals out of the comfort zones, which is where most learning and growing is done. We would love to have Erin and the rest of the team to come back again and again!

- Daniel Dakessian | Senior Global Marketing Manager | Motorola Solutions | Chicago, IL

The improve it! workshop on Taking Initiative and Creative Risks was all-around a success! The workshop was high-energy, fun, and a great change of pace from our day-to-day office environment.  The improve it! team did a great job tailoring the workshop to fit the agenda of the conference and they were a pleasure to work with from start to finish.

- LaSalle Investment Management | Chicago, IL

improve it! was such a refreshing approach for the Supera Team for training. The interaction kept everyone engaged and skills are tools they were provided will help all in there personal and professional growth.

- Rob Presby | Director of Apartment Operations | Supera Asset Management | Chicago, IL

improve it! is awesome and totally brings a new and fresh approach to training.  From our first meeting, to the training, it was spot on and meet all my expectations.

- Christopher Mahoney | Technical Trainer | Fusion Risk Management | Chicago, IL

Our program participants thought this was an incredible session! They felt energized and raved about the session.

- Yanet Ramirez Grech | Program Coordinator | Northwestern University | Chicago, IL

improve it! Chicago provides wonderful trainings that are inspirational, engaging, and interactive. The exercises reinforced some of our skills, improved others, and inspired some new ways of doing things. Their services are great for both student and staff development.

- Kathyy Battee-Freeman | Director | UIS | Springfield, IL