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So I'm interested in an improve it! workshop. Now what?
Not sure how to encorporate improve it!'s many offerings into your organization? Take a look at our three levels of partnership below!
Team Offerings
One-Time Collaboration
Great for organizations looking to add a little pizzazz to a corporate retreat, or creative event.

Our single event sessions can range from 2 hours, to full-day workshops. Examples of our one-time collaboration offerings are:
  • Corporate Workshops

  • Corporate Entertainment

  • Interactive Keynotes
Short-Term Culture Shift
Perfect for organizations looking to make a more sustained culture change in their organization.

Short-term culture shifts include four separate customizable events over the course of a year. Choose from one of our below options:
  • One of six improve it! Track options

  • Custom Scenario Training

Long-Term Impact
Ideal for organizations looking for a more "hands-on" partnership.

Get the magic of our in-person improve it! Tracks as well as the longevity of our improve You! Courses to keep your team motivated in the interim. Our partnership package includes:
  • improve it! Track

  • improve You! DIY coaching courses

One-on-One Offerings
One-Time Consultation
Try a coaching session with no risk! Work side by side with our talented facilitators to customize your own personal development plan.
Short-Term Coaching
A series of four, 1 hour coaching sessions. These are placed in sequential order and customized to your specific goals and challenges.
Long-Term Game Changer
Includes everything in our “short term coaching” with the addition of our improve You! e-course series in between coaching sessions.