Our Mission
Our mission is to provide high-energy, laughter-filled, corporate team building and soft skill training workshops that
incorporate improvisation terms & techniques.

We learn your story, style and goals, and customize an offering that is unique to your company and your needs.

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Corporate Training Workshops
Are you looking for a team building workshop that also
develops fundamental business skills? Our workshops are interactive and use improvisation-based activities led by professional improvisers to enhance trust and build rapport. The workshop consists of modules that can be
adapted to meet your goals.

Team Collaboration | Effective Communication | Networking | Presentation Skills | Taking Initiative | Thinking Quickly On Your Feet | Sales Training | Interning 101 | Leadership

Encore Services
Completely customize your team building experience with any one of our "Encore" services. From one-on-one coaching, to a keynote address from our founder, improve it! is dedicated to helping your company meet your own specific goals.

Looking for a longer partnership with improve it!? We also offer a year-long program called "improve You!" Train your team on one of our six tracks for a complete culture overhaul.

Corporate Entertainment | Keynote Address | One-on-One Coaching Sessions | Scenario Training | Quarterly Public Workshops | improve YOU!